Traffic School

If you are a resident of California, and you have not attended TRAFFIC SCHOOL 18 months from the date of your last citation, you can take an 7 1/2  hour class with us. You'll spend 7 1/2 hours having fun and learning while getting your traffic ticket taken off your record and avoiding the insurance consequences. Some of the most common traffic violation are speeding, running stop signs and red lights, tailgating, unsafe lane changes, illegal U-turns etc. Classes are only on Saturday and all times are from 9 to 430 PM Please call for registration.  you can email me at to register

Make sure you bring your California Driver License and your court papers with you.

 Students have comment about our class as entertaining and not boring like other traffic school.   If you want straight lecture, this is not the class for you. You will be taught alot of information.  

The wealth of information is vast and you will be given insights on driving.   Today it seems that more tickets are being written. We will give you tips on how to avoid future tickets.

 schedule  ALL CLASSES ARE FROM 9 TO 4:30

2011 schedule   call our number at   510 791-7200

You can call me after hours at  415 665-1133 


  Why do you get pull over by Police--It is easy   you did something wrong

  speed over 8 mph

roll on stop signs,  failure to yield on phone, unsafe lane change, illegal left turn, illegal

U turn, 

Cell phone is $160

Remember this, the police has to have a reason to pull you over.  If you create a situation for  the police to pull you over,  it may cost you-you think they wil pull you over and not fine you-so get with the program and understand why you are getting pull over.  If an officer has to get out of his car to talk to you especially on a cold day you will get a ticket

You are inviting the police to pull you over because of  ie outdated registration tags,  broken light  brake lights-taillights, stop lights, signals,  This would not have happen if you did your safety checks. 

Before you get into your make sure all of your lights are working.  Remember that if the sun sets at a certain time you need to turn on your lights.

Correctional fix  the ticket

You got a crack windshiel and you drive with it.  Guess what you will get pull over. $25 to pay the fine but what happens if you do left your license at home. Another ticket -  It can and will go on and on. 

If the office pulls you over for correctional violation it is $25 bucks you have to pay for the courts.  For the city this is added cost because you made the police work to pull you over.. 



The cost for traffic school is $40 

 Note for safety reasons. the Tri city area has place up to 40 red light cameras to stop red light runners. It is effective in making the drivers more aware about running red lights.  The current cost for running a red light camera is $446 plus $52 for administrative fee and traffic school could total a whopping $518.

Should you contest the running red light camera tickets in court.



The court may reduce your ticket cost if you show up and plead that you do not have money.   Some cities have community service to pay off the ticket.

It has been said that if you ran the red on  right turn and if you went to court, the judge may lower the cost only on the "right turn on red".  Some of the popular "right turn on red" cameras are on Cedar and Mowry, Stevenson and Blacow, Automall and Fremont Blvd. and right by James Logan High School. You can go to a walkin court (contact your court first) but you must get there at 4 am. The first seventy are allowed. So get there early!


Learn Learn Learn that is why you go to Capitol Driving School

Other schools will entertain you and make you laugh but you will learn little.  And you will get another ticket.  We teach you to avoid tickets.


 We have a very large room and our seats are very comfortable

Our classes will have bottle water, chips and cookies  WE FEED YOU!  Oh by the way our teacher Joe is the best.