1. Weekday Driver Education Classes

If you miss a class you can go to another class.  Ie if you miss an A class you can go to another A class on the schedule

Capitol City Driving School has a online website for students who do not want to take a class.  If parents want to make sure their students get the best driver education course,  this class will provide it.  We believe that the online Driver Education will never replace the a traditional class.   If you miss  a class you can take the online course to make up the class. We will give you a log in ID and password.   

All classes you will get free notebooks, pens, erasers and other stuff (stationary items).  Trucker caps are also free.

Munchies will be provided.  During lunch students can walk to Jack in the Box, Carl's Junior, KFC, Sujus Coffee, Pizza guys and a Japanese fast food.  The lunch will be from 12:30 to 1 pm.  students are allowed to eat and bring their own food to class.

 All classes will have free munchies. 

All classes will cost $385 this is the course plus 6 hours of driver training.



Question    I am the parent and I know I will not have time to practice with my teen.  My wife will not drive with my teen and I am working hard 10 to 12 hours a day and I just do not have time. I need to wind down after work. What can I do to teach my jumpy, irritating teen? 

We offer a Premium package where the cost is $525 where the student will take the 4 days of driver education and Ten Hours of Driver Training. (6 hours is the minimum requirement).  If you are too busy and do not have time to practice-take the ten hours. It can be stressful.  We will schedule  the first 6 hours ASAP and by then the parents can start practicing with their teen..  This lowers the stress of driving the first couple of times with the teen.

After the six hour manditory training we can give the last four hours driver training in one session.  This is a way to reassure the students are ready for the test


free stuff - pens, hats, notebooks, pencils, erasers!














If she cannot make the Friday class, she can take our online course for her last class.






If you miss a class you can make it up easily.  You can take our online course to make up a class. We are flexible about it

9am to 4 pm

2. Weekend Driver Education Classes


Call us for Driver Education course


9am to 4pm

3. Traffic School: Saturday's only (1 day)






Classes every two weeks taught by a professional teacher. You will not be disappointed . The teacher is a pro in what he does. 


9:00 to 4:30