Comprehensive Total Care Packages

Our comprehensive packages provide a total end-to-end solution for getting your license. We combined a high quality classroom driver education class with a behind-the-wheel driver training program. We are available 7 days a week .  We pick up and drop off at home, work or school.

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Silver Total Care Package

Our Silver Package provides all the necessary tools for you to pass the driving test and get your license. It combines our classroom Driver Education class followed by 6 hours of Driver Training in our dual control cars. This package satisfies the DMV requirments for getting your license.

  • 25 hours of Driver Education classroom training
  • 6 hours of individualized in-car driver training (3 two-hour sessions)
  • Satisfies DMV requirements for Driver Education and minumum 6 hrs Driver Training
  • Cost = $385 


Gold Total Care Package (Skills where the students will never lose for their rest of their lives)

We highly recommend this package for parents who are too busy or too stressed or simply do not want to go through the initial phase of driving with their kids. It includes everything in our Silver Package but adds 4 additional hours of Driver Training in our dual control cars. Parents should remember that in Europe students will take up to 25 hours of driver training.  The 10 total hours of Driving Training is designed to help student drivers lower the risk of getting into an accident. Many other countries requires 20 to 30 hours of Driver Training, the minimum hours required in the State of California is 6 hours. Parents should feel secured and relaxed when their kids are driving with us.

  • 25 hours of Driver Education classroom training
  • 10 hours of individualized in-car driver training (5 two-hour sessions)
  • Exceeds DMV requirements for Driver Education and minumum 6 hrs Driver Training
  • Cost = $555

Driver Training Program

For students who had already taken Driver Education (online, CD-ROM, or another school), we offer a Driving Training Program.

Standard Driver Training

Our Standard 6 hour Driver Training give you exceptional behind-the-wheel training and satisfies State of California requirements.

  • 6 hours of individualized in-car driver training (3 two-hour sessions in our dual control cars)
  • Satisfies DMV Driver Training requirements
  • Cost =$345
  • Our present staff is five persons.  (one a former Health teacher at Arroyo High) The female drivers are (a substitute Hayward school teacher and Lori We also have an former editor of the San Jose Mecury newspaper.  The last person is the Berkeley graduate who has 16 years of experience and writes driving manuals.
  • We also will give you material for parents and students to read about driving skills and how to pass the road test. 5 DVD and two books on how to pass the road test.  No other school will do this.  The question is why we do it and the answer is WHY NOT

Premium Driver Training

Our premium 10 hour Driver Training gives you an additional 4 hours of practice behind the wheel. We highly recommend this program for students who want additional training to lower the risk of getting into an accident.

  • 10 hours of individualized in-car driver training (5 two-hour sessions in our dual control cars)
  • Exceeds DMV Driver Training requirements
  • Cost = $510  ($40 saving) Driver Training - This package is a favorite for one reason- the initial phase of teaching is taken care of.  The students are driven for at least 6 hours and parents will feel so much more at ease.  After the six hours parents can begin driving with teen.  Nervous parents, this is worth the price!
  • If you require additional behind-the-wheel training beyond our Standard or Preminum Driver Training, or our Silver or Gold Package, we can provide additional sessions at $100 per two-hour session.

    We will take you to the DMV test

    WE GO TO PLEASANTON. We will go take your student or teen to Plesanton for the Driving Exam

     the cost is $220 flat rate fee. 

    We also will go to take you to Fremont DMV for the driving test.  In Fremont for a three hour flat rate  fee for $170.

    ADDITIONAL 4 HOUR SESSION FOR TEENS AT $200. This is a one time 4 hour session-it must be after you take the 6 hour driver training.  Great way to prepare for the driving test.  Our main instructor will go over the basics and will then work defensive driving. The last hour and half will cover the DMV Driving test.  This is excellent for students who did not practice with parents and need extra hours.  Many students use this program because other driving schools did not teach them well

    Driver Education Class

    Our highly regarded Driver Education class satisfies the State of California requirements. Our Driver Education Instructor wrote one of the official Driver Education Curriculum Lesson plans for the California State DMV. We offer 28 hours of informative classroom instruction over a course of 4 days. You can sign up for either the 4 consecutive days (Monday to Thursday) course or the 4 consecutive Sundays course. Go to our "schedule" web page by clicking on Schedule on the home page

    • 25 hours of classroom education
    • Cost = $80

      NOTE           A $50 fine will be assessed if a teenage student:

    • Misses an appointment and does not contact the office within 24 hours
    • Does not bring his or her permit
    • Does not have corrective lenses. (If permit requires corrective lenses, the student must wear them for the lesson)



    Harry Y., father of 16 year old teenage boy who purchased 10 hours Premium Driver Training


    My son told me he took an online course because of time constraints and a conflict with his strict schedule. When it was time to prepare for his first driver training lesson, the online course did not prepare my son on how to drive a car, my son had no clue on how to hold or even how to turn the steering wheel.  All he learned was the laws. Other parents who have children told me that Online Driver Education does not prepared their child for Driver Training. Their children spent most of their 1st lessons in the parking lot just learning to turn the car.  I do not have the time so I decided to just paid for the Premium Driver Training with 10 hours of behind-the-wheel training. My son completed 8 hours of training with a private instructor. Believe me, that saved me a lot of stress and a lot of time.  After 8 hours of practice he became fairly proficient. Now I can semi-relax and watch my son drive the car.   He plans to use the last 2 hours of training a month before the driving test so the instructor can review and correct his skills.



    Tyler T., father of 17 year old teenage girl who purchased the Gold Total Care Package


    I have to admit it was a relief hiring someone to teach my daughter how to drive. Initially, my wife wanted me to teach our daughter ourselves in order to save money. We bought an instruction book, but my daughter would tune me out and not listen to me.  Sometimes I had to yell to get her to pay attention.  I gave up and bought the GOLD Package. She breeze through her Driver Education lessons and even gave me tips about how to drive safely. Her Driver Training instructor is very patient and safety oriented. But most of all, she is listening to the instructor and she is finally learning! She is not the most coordinated kid and I believe the extra 4 hours of Driver Training does help.  I now understand why doctors don't operate on their relatives.  It gets too emotional when you try to work with someone you love.  My wife still reminds me that her most humiliating experience was when I tried to teach her how to drive a car.