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How to prepare for the permit test at the Department of Motor Vehicles 

You have the gut feeling that you did not learn anything from some websites.  Many online websites are just cut and paste from the handbook.  Our website does provide a ONLINE DRIVER EDUCATION COURSE FOR ONLY $30 Our test are geared toward you passing the permit test.     Here are some tips to prepare for the DMV permit test. 



Let’s say you just finished your online or classroom instruction.  If you do not want to practice the permit questions in our next paragraphs, get a 2010 DMV handbook and read it. 

There are websites out there for free which allows you to practice for your test.  By surfing the web I found a couple of good websites to get you ready for your permit test.  Save your money by just going into these websites.  Make sure you read the handbook, some online website does not prepare you for the permit test


To pass the permit test practice the multiple choices

the permit test is 46 questions and if you get 8 wrong you will move on to the next stage

THE NEXT LINKS ARE FREE  FREE    this site is beginning to be the main website where teens use this website exclusively to study for the permit test

Very good website  the teens seem to favor this ( website.  Go into the testing part.  There are 400 questions 200 written and 200 signs   You are graded.  Very good website go into the homepage and go into the Driver License part. Look at the yellow toolbar and click on Driver License.  You will see the Driver License Information and scroll down to Main Categories in the middle of the page.  Next you will see bullets with blue info links.  Click Written Test  and you will see the links to Sample Driver Written Test. click it and look for the Regular Driver (Class C Liense) NOT Commercial Driver (Class A or B)

Questions then email me at

The website is always changing. Students have said alot of the questions in the website test  are on the permit test.  There is also a driving interactive tutorial.   You are graded  Do this interactive tutorial after you pass the permit test.  You can also make an appointment online to take the written permit test and driving test This is a good website When you go into the homepage go scroll to the bottom of the page and press Driver's Manual.  You will see DMV publications.  Look again for Driver's Manual and enter again.  You will see the Driver's Manual and Study Guide lessons.  Go and begin on Chapter Four "Traffic Control".  You can scan the chapter or scroll to the bottom and take the interactive quiz. Chapter 5,6, 7, 8 9, 10,11,12 are all worth looking at.

 ·                     Driver’s Manual and Practice Quiz

 Bypass Chapter 1 2 3 and go right into Chapter 4..  Skim the chapter or just go to the bottom of the page take the quiz.  The nice thing about the quiz in each chapter is that you are graded.  Do chapter 4 to 11 . 


Quebec Website from Canada. After you pass your permit test.

 the site will say it has moved: just continue on

 This is a excellent  interactive website .  Beautiful graphics You must be able to do your math by converting metric to standard measurements.  The site is interactive and most of the info in Canada will be relevant to driving in CA.

 The good cover a lot of topics many questions, interactive, you are graded.  You can take the short quiz or the 200 questions

 The bad.  Metric system and some words are in French ARREAT means stop IN FRENCH .  some laws are Canadian laws.  But the basics are there.


To be eligible to take your driving test you must:

  • Be 16 years old AND
  • Have had your permit for a minimum of six months AND
  • Have completed a driver's education course AND
  • Have completed 6 hours of professional driver training AND
  • Have completed 50 hours of practice with an adult who is 25 years or older. The adult must have a valid California driver license and certify to the 50 hours of practice. At least 10 of the 50 hours must have been done at night.
  • You will also need to show registration and proof of insurance for the vehicle you will be taking your drive test in.
  • If you fail your drive test, you must wait two weeks before you can take the test again.

You have three chances to pass. Driving (behind-the-wheel) retest fee is $6.00. Motorcycle driving (behind-the-wheel) retest fee $6.00. After you pass your drive test you will be issued an interim permit valid for 60 days until you receive your new photo permit in the mail. Double check your address before you leave DMV and tell the DMV representative if you have moved or if your address is incorrect. If you have not received your permit after 60 days, call (916) 657-7790 and they can check on the status for you. Have your interim permit with you to provide information when requested.


After you pass the Driving Test, you will be issued a permit. Your permit will have the following restrictions for the next year:

  • During the first 12 months you are licensed to drive you must be accompanied by a driver 25 years of age or older if you drive between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. or if you have passengers under the age of 20 in the car at any time.
  • Persons under 18 may not be employed to drive a motor vehicle. When you become 18, the provisional part of your permit ends.
  • You may continue to drive as an adult using your photo permit, which will expire on your 5th birthday after the date you applied.