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Let's assume you took the online course and was taught zero about driving.  The question is do I need to know anything about driving.

It would help if you knew certain basics before you even get into the car with a driving instructor.

Tie your hair back or wear a cap.  No flip flops and wear loose clothing.  Take a shower before you drive with or just change your shirt or t shirt.  Girls please not spaghetti strings

Have your permit ready and if you do not have your permit the driver may not take you

Getting your car

adjust your seat and then your mirror.  Your side mirror should see 1/3 sky and 2/3 ground and a little of the side of car.

PRE-DRIVE CHECKLIST  know this for your driving test

Safety and cockpit knowledge.  You should be shown the following slparking brake

arm signals -left right and stop and slow

windshield wipers


emergency flasher



You will be where the brakes and gas are.

       You need to know how to accelerate and brake.  JUst go to an empty parking lot for an hour or so and drive in in a rectangular path.  Do not do doughnuts.

the steering wheel   tell daddy that the position taught to hold the steering wheel is 9 3 and or 4  8--not 10 2

       There are two accepted methods 

Push and pull where the hands never cross.    The steering wheel is smaller so you actually do not need to turn the whee so much.  It is also called the feed method-preferable b/c using this steering method keeps your  hands from the airbag.  Good for small steering wheels. Use for wide turns.  I have asked the police department and they say this is the accepted method.

       Hand over hand is when you cross your hands over.  If the steering wheel is large this can be use.Very good for parking and making swift turns with the steering wheel.  The negative is the hands tend to lock or the forearms may touch each other on a turn.   It is still ok to turn this way. 

Palming is not accepted (only if you back up) and do not grab the steering wheel on the inside