This info is from the type in californiadmv and look for the Ten Reasons why student fail the driving test

Here are some faults you can conjure up and tell your friends

It was the car-it did not feel right

The examiner was grumpy

It was rainy

The car pulled out in front of me

The examiner was moody

The examiner had a quota system

I saw a black cat on the road-it is bad luck


traffic circles, blind curves railroad track. one way streets. confusing intersections. hidden traffic signs


. These are some of ways to fail the test.

Unfamiliar With traffic Situations

but if you really want to pass.  Drive around the DMV area and practice there.  If you have that "I do not know the area look" you will have the I am lost look.  The DMV examiner will see that.

Not knowing the speed limits, unless posted the speed limit is 25 mph

Go out there and drive the area!  Drag your mom and dad out to the DMV area.  You must tell your parents you need to practice turns and lane changes the most.  Some parents will have you drive to the store and back.  Up to a certain point it will be a waste of time, 


 - If you do not take your turn on a 4 way stop sign or you keep giving your right of way, you can fail

IF you drive 10 miles over or 10 miles under the speed limit you will fail.  Examiners know you will be nervous.  If you look like you just seen a ghost they will find a way for you to fail.



not looking .  Driving schools all over the world say if your neck is not hurting after a two hour lesson, it means you are not looking enough!!!!You must be able to spot hazards and react to them.  You must learn how to look for the four types of hazards.  Stationary objects, moving objects, night driving and atmospheric hazards.  

Turns= look where are going. Look left right left at every intersection. You need to look straight also

You must have eyes like a hawk not like a horse with blinders

looking at blind spots

scanning when backing

always look over shoulder when you are merging


Traffic check= look for all hazards and when you approach all intersections, you must alook ahead, left, right and left again.  You must also be prepare to look at pedestrians and all other traffic and react to them.  I always tell my students before the test. "I have driven with you for two hours.  If your neck is not hurting that means you are not looking enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Taking your uncle's car and you do not know where the  hand brake, lights, defroster, windshield wipers, and flasher can cause a FAIL



if a student does not know what to do in a traffic situation. hazard, emergency vehicles,

Students need to practice

do not hit the curb, while backing up.  You have to get out there and practice



10 MILES over or under is a Fail. DMV is very strict on speed

if conditions cause you to go slower (rain) then you can go slower

The "Children are Present" sign at schools must be obey when there are anybody under 18 around the school


You must know the how to stay in you double left turn lane.

Usually there are white buttons to guide you but if they are not there one will always turn in the wrong lane. 

3  Failure to stop

STOP means stop Argh!

stop 4 to 6 feet from the line and wait one thousand one one thousand two-then go after looking left right left. Tell your parents they must not roll on a stop sign or red light.


Pedestrians have the right of way.  You must let them go from curb to curb in most situations. YOU can be taught how by a good instructor.


On left turn, the solid green arrow is different from the circular green

You can enter an intersection when the light is yellow but you need to yield to cars


You need to make safe lane change.  you must signal look at mirror and check your blind spots.  this includes merging on freeway , pulling over and away from a curb . going into a driveway, bike lane or a left turn center lane.


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