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Many other online Driving Education pays Google and yahoo to get you to enroll in their program.  They have not interested in supporting high school. Their game plan is to make a quick dollar.  None of their profits are given back to your high school. Our driving school is just not like that.

None of their profits are given back to your high school. 


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You have pass capitoldriversed.com – 

Before you can take your permit test at the DMV!

You have passed!   WE WILL SEND YOU A pink FORM.   A Driver license application from the DMV (DMV DL 44) 




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A-Safe Way Driving School is our other driving school

WE ARE ALSO PROVIDE 6 HOUR DRIVER TRAINING IN THE CITY OF San Francisco, Daly City, South San Francisco, San Bruno, Pacifica, Millbrae, and Burlingame.

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RE: passing the online capitoldriversed.com course





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Question what does it mean when you complete the course?

Answer You are on your next phase... You are getting ready for the DMV written test!


You have passed whoopee!

capitolcitydriving.com or drivingthesafeway.com are our other main website

My email if you have any questions is

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We will send you the Pink COMPLETION OF NON-CLASSROOM DRIVER EDUCATION form in seven days after you have finish the course.  Remember these are working days.  Do not include the weekends 


If you do not get the form call or email me  415 665-1133  capdriving@yahoo.com


If you lost your pink (it happens all the time) we will send you a duplicate for $10.  Other driving schools are a rip off. They will charge you $25 for a duplicate!

  You do not have to enroll in a behind a wheel driver training program.  When you pass the written test you must now enroll in a behind the wheel training before you can start driving a car!

After you finish the final remember to go back and redo the final at least 3 to 4 times because the questions will be on the permit test.






WE offer Behind the Wheel Driver TRAINING if you live in our area. For $345 6 hour driver training. If you are not in our area find a good driver training school and do not be too cheap or you may end up failing the driving test a lot.. In San Francisco the price is $360 higher for 7 hour driver training. San Francisco is harder to drive because of the roads, hills, bikers, and blind intersections.

You should retake the final exam over and over again our website.

Read the test questions carefully. Don't read anything extra into the question.

There will be three answers and only one correct answer. When you DO the test over and over you will be more familiar with the questions. When you go to the DMV you will be very prepare to take the written test and pass. Remember to take the multiple choice test over to pass the test.

Also you can let your buddies take the quizzes at no charge. Use the system and make it work for you.

As you look at the links below, do not get lured in to buying other things. All these links are free. You do not need to give an email address. If it is requested leave the link!

Other Methods to practice the written test for the DMV.

You can also go to www.drivingdirectory.com and look for the free practice test. There are twenty 20-question test. Many students have given me a good feedback on this website. The test will grade you. When you take the test you will be graded.



This is a winner killer or kick b--- website!



Other Methods to practice the written test for the DMV.

You can also go to www.drivingdirectory.com and look for the free practice test. There

go to www.dmv.ca.gov

or you can look at this must site which is the DMV permit test question - go to the C written test for teens. Copy and paste these links to access these sites These are Samples of Driver Written Tests

The DMV official permit test questions

http://www.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/interactive/tdrive/exam.htm        samples of the DMV test

very good. If you do well on the quizzes you will almost be ready for the test

-take the (Class C license) test there are 5 of them The DMV handbook--study this online or go to your DMV office to pick up this book. This is easy.

Regular Driver (Class C License)

Class C Test #1

Class C Test #2

Class C Test #3

Class C Test #4

Class C Test #5

DMV Driving Knowledge Tutorial The DMV Driving Knowledge

Tutorial has been designed for your use as a study guide for preparing to take the DMV Driver License written exam(s).



Test questions are asked on ten driving-related knowledge areas, similar to those asked on the written exam. Questions are presented in random order and you will not see every question in all of the categories each time you review the tutorial. "Driving Knowledge Tutorial"


copy to your address bar and once you are there look for begin tutorial

press the BEGIN the Tutorial

Use youtube.com

LOOK AT YOU TUBE UNDER "CALIFORNIA DMV" for videos on how to drive there are 111 short videos but look and some are repeats b/c they are closed captions. The main ones are

California DMV - California Drivers License See this first if you have time before your written test.


copy to your address bar

This above link is an official Department of Motor Vehicle website!

California DMV

"10 reason why students fail the driving test". They have real live examiners who test you give their opinions on why students fail the driver test. Usually there will be dmv.ca.gov on the video clip. You need to see this before your driving test not written test,



Do not waste your time on other video driving info. Many of these sites want to lure you into buying things. So caveat emptor or buyer beware! So look at youtube.com in this order if you can. My parents told me this, which I will remember for the rest of my life on learning.

You learn by someone telling you, by reading the book or the hard way. Please be careful because driving a car requires you to learn as much as possible.

So learn the material well in youtube.com

Type in the following after typing in youtube.com

California DMV - CA Driver License Discusses the license process.

Recommended other videos from the official DMV website.

California DMV –

Rules of the Road Critical you understand the rules of the road. The website can only do so much. You can learn visually by watching this video. Many of the DMV questions are visually presented in this video. Have your parents watch this.

Top 10 Reasons for Failing the Driving Test It is a must, DMV before never allowed testing but now it does because most teens take it on the internet and I guess the examiners are overworked

Sharing the Road Teaches you to be aware --- you are not the only car out there. It teaches you to be more observant of other users of the road.

TRAFFIC SIGNS Test- You must know the traffics sign.

test yourself with these five test.. I enjoy this website because the answers are explained in detail. A must


$5 discount

$5 discount for your friend Email me at kapitoe@yahoo.com and say I refer ------ to your website. When the person signs up I will give back $5 to your credit card. If your friends wants a website refer your friend and ask him or her to type in "driving" in the promo box for a $5 discount when they sign up for our online website. Hey! You might even get this website for free. With a little bit of calling it may happen. Free driver education!


We will send you a Pink DL 400C CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION NON-CLASSROOM DRIVER EDUCATION which is blue color. The blue form will be sent 5 to 6 business days. Any problems email me at capdriving@yahoo.com The first thing you should do is thank your parents or guardian for providing you the foundations for you to get your license. You should start calling a driving school in your area. Do not skimp on price. The money you save from this website should be use for the hands on training for driving.



We offer 6-hour driver training for $345. in The Tri City area

I have been to the DMV where the mom or dad is screaming at the top of their lungs saying "why are you running me around!"


Your parents are saying to you –be responsible and make sure all the paperwork is done.  They want to see if you can you’re your initiative and to be independent in performing tasks.  Not sure on what to do then email me.  



 And do go into the DMV website to practice the test. Also look into our permit testing in our capitolcitydriving.com website -look under permit testing (dmv.ca.gov) and their interactive situations and drivingdirectory.com at the bottom of the page you will see the box, Click here to take the Free Permit Test- use the free permit test -do not get lured into buying other services). If you are super lazy then just read the DMV handbook, you must understand the DMV permit test is tricky so save your time by going a second time and study the questions. Read each question carefully. The questions will not have words have a stem or a main word or phrase that you must know. Sometime there are almost two similar answers.. Only if you know the material will you be able to answer the tricky question.


Bring with you to the DMV the Pink DL400C form cert of completion

How to apply for a permit if you are under 18

·        Be at least 15 ½, but under 18 years of age

·        Visit a DMV office (make an Appointment(s) online for faster service) But if you do go make sure you go before 3:30 pm.  After that the DMV front desk may not let you in!!!!

o   Complete and submit an original application form DL 44 (Only an original DL 44 form will be accepted. Copies obtained by xeroxing, faxing, or other methods will not be accepted.) Sample DL 44

o   Provide your social security number on the DL 44. It will be verified with the Social Security Administration while you are in the office.

o   Have both of your parents' or guardians' signatures on the DL 44 application form

NOTE: When you sign your application for an instruction permit/driver license, you agree to submit to a chemical test to determine the alcohol or drug content of your blood when required by a peace officer. If you refuse to sign this statement on your driver license application, DMV will not issue a permit or license.

·        Give a thumb print

·        Have your picture taken

·        Bring your original birth certificate or a certified copy. If you are not a US-born citizen, you must provide proof that you are a legal US resident.   NO COPIES ARE ALLOWED

·        Provide your full legal name

·        Submit the proper form(s) for driver education and/or driver training classes. (See below for details)

NOTE: : If you are over 17 ½ but under 18 years of age, you may get your permit without the driver education and driver training certificates however, you will not be able to take the driving test until you are 18 years of age.

·        Pay the application fee  $31 (This fee entitles you to three exams of any type within the 12-month period and pays for both the permit and the driver license. If all requirements are not met within the 12-month period, the application becomes void and all steps must be completed again.)

·        Pass a vision exam

·        Pass a traffic laws and sign test. You must get at least 39 questions right out of 46. You will have three chances to take the test, but you must wait 7 days before taking the test again. If you fail the test all 3 times, you must start over by filling out a new DL 44.

NOTE: All written or audio exams must be taken before 4:30 p.m. so you are not rushed when taking the test. We want you to pass your test. Study the handbook and make use of the practice tests and driving knowledge tutorial.

If you are between 15 ½ and 17 ½ years of age, you will need to provide proof that you:

·        Completed driver education

·        .

NOTE: Provisional instruction permits are not valid until the instruction permit is signed by a licensed or authorized driving instructor or the applicant reaches the age 17½.

NOTE: If your driver education and/or driver training were completed in a state other than California, DMV will accept a letter from your out-of state secondary school on the school's official stationery. The letter must be signed by a school official stating that the completed courses you have taken are equivalent to a California secondary school course as described in Section 10020 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations and on form “To Secondary Schools Other Than California Schools” (DL 33)

The “To Secondary Schools Other Than California Schools“ (DL 33) form should be sent to your out-of-State School. The DL 33 should not be completed, but rather contains the information for the out-of-state school to complete the letter. Obtain a DL 33 form from your local DMV office or by calling DMV at 1-800-777-0133.

An out-of-state driving instructional permit is not acceptable proof of driver education and driver training.

As soon as you pass your written test, you will be issued a permit.

The Provisional instruction permits are not valid until the instruction permit is signed by a licensed or authorized driving instructor or the applicant reaches the age 17 ½.

A parent, guardian, spouse or adult 25 years of age or older, who has a valid California driver license, must be with you when you drive. He or she must sit in the front seat in order to take control of the vehicle, if necessary. It is illegal for you to drive alone at any time.

NOTE: New Driving Restrictions for Persons Under 18 Years of Age

As of January 1, 2006, a new law changes the length of time for two restrictions on your driver license, if you are under 18 years of age:

For a period of 12 months, you may not transport passengers under age 20 unless you are accompanied by a parent, guardian, instructor or licensed driver over the age of 25, and you may not drive between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.

To determine if these restrictions apply to you, look at the date on your driver license. The date printed just to the left of your photograph is the date these restrictions begin. The new restrictions apply for 12 months following this date. For example: If the date on your license is May 7, 2005, you will have the above restrictions through May 7, 2006. Violation of either restriction can result in a fine and/or community service.

The process for taking the test

CALLING THE DMV Make sure you read the DMV handbook and call DMV at

1-800 777-0133 Mondays or a day after the holidays, the DMV may not answer your phone calls when they are super busy! Sometimes I call on Monday morning and DMV will place me on hold; then all sudden I will be disconnected. So you may have to call later or make an appt on line. or go online dmv.ca.gov to make an appointment . If that does not happen you must go to the DMV in person to make an appointment!


copy to your address bar

This above site is for the written test!


Question ==What happens if you just cannot make an appointment online or by telephone for the written test?

Answer ==== Just go to the DMV before three pm!

Saves a lot of time to make an appointment, go into the dmv.ca.gov website and look for driving appointments If you do not or cannot make an appt., do not go later than 3:00 pm (the DMV has been cutting back on hours, DMV will not allow you to take the written test. Mondays are bad days to just drop in... A student told me she had to wait 2 hours because she dropped in at the wrong time. Teens please make sure you get the process right in taking your test. Prepare for the test and make sure all the paperwork is correct.


The National Driving Test this is a great video. It takes a little while to stream but it is a well made video 31 minutes Christopher Reeve the original Superman narrates. This video below is great because you and your parents can discuss the 25 situations.  The video is from the 1980’s but your parents will get a kick of watching a “back in the day video” Allot of TV and movie stars make cameo appearances.



Learn to drive a car - City & Residential Driving 6:29



To learn to drive. Look at the clips it is very well done in Canada

http://www.mpi.mb.ca/english/dr_tips/60sec.html#turning this is one of my favorites. These are win amp videos that are useful.

Another great Canadian video on driving 29:49 minutes



http://www..dmv.ca.gov/teenweb/ a must, copy this on your address bar

These below are great reference guides to supplement your teaching. One is from New York and the other is from Pennsylvania

This is from New York’s DMV website.


Go straight to chapter 4 and scroll down to the bottom of the and take their quizzes 4 to 10. If you ace these quizzes you are there.

Pennsylvania’s website- colorful http://www.dmv.state.pa.us/pdotforms/pa_driversmanual/chapter_2.pdf

click this link

Review the above link ": Signs, Signals and Pavement Markings "and take the 79 question multiple question quiz. Very helpful   At the end of the test is the answer key


click this link

Review the above link" Learning to Drive " and take the 128 multiple choice quiz.

TIP to take your driving test.

Google earth, map or yahoo maps. Type in your location of your DMV and do a map search of the area. Some DMV areas are very hard to drive around. If your buddies tell you the test is hard in one city, and then take your driving test in another city.



Before your test you need to know your DMV area. Not all DMV areas are easy to drive. Some DMV areas are near schools and if you take your test between 1:30 and 3 pm you are in for a higher chance of failing. Take the test when there are less cars and pedestrians around.

Send this email to your friends and they can type in capdriving in the PROMO box to get a $5 discount while signing up.

Take the test when there are less cars and pedestrians around.


copy this to your address bar

Thanks and your feedback will improve our site


Check us out in facebook.com capitolcitydriving.com

This is a great Ford site. Very colorful, interactive and easy to use. I learned allot and entertaining!!


from Ford in this is a good info to on driver training

go to the part where it says " Take the Challenge" Five Units

Unit 1: Hazards: Concepts

Unit 2: Hazards: Practice

Unit 3: Vehicle Handling

Unit 4: Space Management

Unit 5: Speed Management

also press the color icons

For your parents to look at



Training Guide




Wow allot of stuff to look at.  I am the owner and I a graduated from UC Berkeley.  Do your work and please work hard and thank your parents.





The Oregon Parent Guide to Teen Driving



Topics include                                                      

Parents Role in World of Teen Driving                        pg      1 to 4

Supervise Your Teen Driver                                                  5 to 7

Set Family Rules and Guidelines                                             8 to 9

Before you start the car                                                          10 to 16

Basic Driving Skills                                                                 17 to 24

Step-by Step Manuever                                                          26 to 43

Complex Driving Skills                                                             45 to 55

Emergencies- How to Handle Them                                         56 to 80

What Happens If You mess up                                                 

The Rules For Graduated Driving                                             


Another kick tail booklet.  I cannot recommend the California Parent Teen Training Guide because the Oregon Parent Teen Training Guide is an eighty page colorful guide that is fantastic to learn how to drive. At least look at this colorful free guide









DMV's Driving Test
How to Prepare for Your Driving Test

DMV's Goal

One of the Department of Motor Vehicles’ (DMV) major goals is to keep all drivers licensed for as long as it is safe to do so. Along with that goal is the responsibility to enhance highway safety by increasing driver competency. DMV also recognizes that the independence and mobility that driving provides are important factors in the quality of life for most Californians.

What to expect

You can expect to be treated with respect, fairness, and courtesy during the entire examination process. If you are not treated in this manner, please contact the office manager.

DMV Wants You to Pass

Many people take their driving test when they have not sufficiently prepared, or have not practiced enough, or have not practiced the right way. Others get very nervous because they don’t know what to expect. Remember, the DMV examiner will ride with you only to make sure that you can drive safely and obey traffic laws.

Your driving test will last about 20 minutes. The test consists of basic maneuvers you will encounter while driving such as: left and right turns, stops at controlled and uncontrolled intersections, straight line backing, lane changes, driving in regular street traffic, and in some cases driving on the freeway.

DMV wants you to pass your driving test. Read this pamphlet as well as the California Driver Handbook ( PDF ). Relax and do your best. The 2011 handbook is out

Who Takes a Driving Test?

You will be required to take a driving test if you have:

·      never been licensed in any state or you hold a foreign country license.


The driving test for the basic license class (Class C) is the same for all drivers regardless of age. An adult driver takes the same type of driving test as a teenage driver. A driver with a physical and/or mental condition may take a different version of the driving test containing additional test elements.

Preparing for Your Driving Test?

·      Get enough practice. Some drivers need more practice than others. Minors must complete 50 hours of behind-the-wheel training (ten hours of required night driving) before taking a driving test. When you practice, pretend you are taking a driving test. Ask your accompanying driver to calmly point out your mistakes. Ask questions about a particular driving situation that may have confused you. Correct your mistakes. The next time you practice, pay particular attention to correct any driving errors you made the time before.
Practice all the driving maneuvers listed in the
Safe Driver checklist below. The DMV examiner is there to make ensure you have demonstrated you can handle your vehicle in regular traffic situations, not to trick you. During your driving test, the examiner will note how you obey the rules of the road and traffic signs and/or signals. He/she will note other areas in which you may need improvement.

·      Safe driving tips. Practice these tips to improve your driving skills:

o   Steer smoothly at all times.

o   Accelerate smoothly. Don't race the engine or make it stall.

o   Stop the vehicle gently. Start braking well ahead of where you must stop to avoid sudden “jerks.” Know where to stop. Be aware of crosswalks. If your view is blocked at a crosswalk, move forward carefully and look both ways before entering the intersection..

o   Be sure your vehicle is in the correct gear. Don't grind the gears. Don't coast to a stop.

o   Always obey the posted speed limits. If needed, reduce your speed to adjust for existing weather, road, and other traffic conditions. Remember to turn on your lights if you need to use your windshield wipers in poor weather conditions.

o   Follow at a safe distance. Use the three-second rule. Increase your following distance in bad weather or poor visibility.

o   Know what the traffic signals mean and obey them at all times.

o   Always use the proper lane. Turn from the correct lane into the correct lane.

o   Signal for all lane changes and turns.

o   Always look for potential hazards (scan). Check your mirrors frequently. Always look over the proper shoulder before making lane changes or pulling away from the curb.

o   Drive defensively. Anticipate another driver’s errors.

If you are unsure about your driving skills, review the following DMV publications: Parent-Teen Training Guide (PDF), Senior Guide for Safe Driving (PDF), California Driver Handbook, and the Let's Go for a Drive DVD, (available at your local DMV office or online at: www.dmv.ca.gov ). These publications provide detailed instruction to correctly perform the driving maneuvers required on a driving test, as well as the laws and rules of the road and safe driving practices.

Other Test Information

For your safety, please ask the examiner to show you his or her DMV identification badge before the test begins. Pets or passengers, other than the examiner or other authorized personnel, are not permitted during your driving test.

If you have any questions, you may ask the examiner before your driving test begins. During the test, the examiner will ask you questions or give you directions, but he/she will not engage in general conversation.

Test Vehicle Requirements

The vehicle you use for your driving test must be safe to drive. Before the test, the examiner checks for:

·      two license plates. The rear plate must show current registration.

·      both front and back turn signal lights and working brake lights.

·      a working horn designed for the vehicle.

·      tires with no bald spots.

·      adequate brake pressure (you will be asked to step on the brake pedal to see if it works properly).

·      a driver’s side window that rolls down.

·      a windshield that allows a full unobstructed field of vision.

·      two rear view mirrors (one must be on the outside, to the driver’s left).

·      driver and front passenger doors that open from both the inside and outside.

·      a secured glove compartment door so it doesn't open during the test.

·      a passenger seat permanently attached to the vehicle.

·      working safety belts, if the vehicle was manufactured with safety belts.

·      working emergency/parking brake.

Financial Responsibility

You must show that your vehicle is properly insured before the driving test begins (or the test will be postponed) by providing one of the following:

·      A document with the liability insurance policy or surety bond number.

·      An Assigned Risk insurance card with the name of the assigned insurance company, file number, and current coverage dates.

·      Current insurance binder or copy of an insurance policy signed or countersigned by an insurance company representative.

·      Rental car contract if the driver is listed on the contract as the insured.

·      DMV-issued certificate of self-insurance or acknowledgment of cash deposit.

·      Written confirmation from the insurer that the person is insured.

After Your Driving Test

Learning to drive safely does not end with your driving test. Your license means you have met the driving test requirements. However, in everyday driving you will have to deal with many situations and problems you did not encounter on your driving test. The best ways to deal with unexpected situations is to always use the same, safe driving habits and the responsible attitude you demonstrated on your driving test.


Safe Driver Checklist

Starting the Vehicle:

·      Adjusts mirrors

·      Fastens safety belt

·      Knows where the operating controls are located

Moving Forward:

·      Signals

·      Looks in mirrors and over shoulder before pulling into traffic.

·      Uses two hands on opposite sides of the steering wheel.


·      Checks traffic (sees and reacts to hazards).

·      Stops behind crosswalk or limit line.

·      Stops without using accelerator at the same time.


·      Slows for turns.

·      Begins and ends turns in the correct lane.

·      Yields right of way when necessary.

·      Accepts legal right of way when safe.

·      Sees and reacts to hazards.


·      Checks mirrors and looks over right shoulder.

Changing Lanes:    SMOG

·      Signals

·      Checks mirrors.

·      Checks over shoulder to view blind spot.

·      Changes lanes safely.

·      Maintains speed.

Or use MOST


Over the shoulder



Driving On The Freeway:

·      Checks traffic flow.

·      Times entry into freeway.

·      Checks mirrors and over shoulder before merging into traffic.

·      Signals early and slows on exit ramp.

·      Adjusts speed to road conditions.

Defensive Driving Techniques:

·      Checks mirrors before braking.

·      Checks cross streets before passing.

·      Checks signal lights and signs.

·      Keeps eyes "moving".

·      Keeps a "space cushion" around the car.

·      Follows at a safe distance.

Remember - no drama shut up and do not tell the whole world you are taking the test.  The last thing you want to do is have your friend scream across the room or cafeteria "did you pass the driving test"

If you told the whole world you will feel like -----.  Make sure mom does not bring balloons or flowers to the driving test. 


NEW California Traffic Tickets Fines effective 01/06/2010


These regulations apply to both public street as well as private streets where they have adopted the Calif. Vehicle Code.

The above is usually in shopping centers and some other private developments.

Heads up….California needs money, so pay close attention to the rules of the road!


Traffic Tickets Fines effective 01/06/2010



Total Fine Due

VC 12814.6


Failure to obey license provisions.

VC 14600(A)


Failure to notify DMV of address change within 10 days

Note: The fine may be reduced with valid proof of correction.

VC 16028(A)


Failure to provide evidence of financial responsibility (insurance)

Note: This fine may be reduced with proof of insurance on or after the violation date.

VC 21453(A)


Failure to stop at a red signal.

VC 22350


VC 22349

Unsafe Speed, 1 to 15 miles over the limit.

VC 22350


VC 22349

Unsafe Speed, 16 to 25 miles over the limit.

VC 22450


Failure to stop at a stop sign.

VC 22454(A)


Passing a school bus with flashing red signals.

VC 23123(A)


Drive using wireless phone not hands free, First offense

VC 23123(A)


Drive using wireless phone not hands free, For each subsequent offense.

VC 23123.5(A)


Drive while wireless device to send, read or write text.

VC 23124(B)


Minor drive using wireless phone.

VC 22500(I)


Parking in a bus loading area.

VC 22507.8(A through C)


Violation of disabled parking provisions, first offense.

VC 22507.8(A through C)


Violation of disabled parking provisions, second offense.

VC 26708(A)


Unlawful material on vehicle windows.

VC 27150(A and B)


Adequate muffler required

VC 27315(D and E)


Mandatory use of seat belts.

VC 27360(A and B)


Mandatory use of child passenger restraints

Note: This fine may be reduced by completing a court authorized child seat diversion program.

VC 27400


Headsets/Earplugs over both ears.

VC 27803 (A through C)


Motorcycle safety helmet requirements.

VC 34506.3


Commercial Driver - Log book violation

VC 4000(A)


No evidence of current registration.

Note: The fine may be reduced with valid proof of correction.

VC 4159


Notify DMV of change of address within 10 days.

Note: The fine may be reduced with valid proof of correction.

VC 5200


Display of license plates.

Note: The fine may be reduced with valid proof of correction.

VC 9400 (A through C)


Commercial weight fees due.

Note: The fine may be reduced with valid proof of correction.









Learn to drive a car - City & Residential Driving